Peace of Mind. Do You Know Who Is Living In Your Community?

        This is a question almost all of us care about at some level, but if you’re a property manager or on the board of an Homeowners Association, it matters even more. And for larger residential communities, it’s a very difficult question to answer with confidence. Unless, of course, your community has implemented a state of the art parking management system like OnCall Parking Manager.

        Effective parking enforcement, it turns out, is the key to knowing who is living in your community. Regardless of what names are on a lease or rental agreement or title, anyone – anyone!– might be living in any particular unit at any particular time. Perhaps the lessee or owner has privately sublet the unit to a stranger. Perhaps long-term guests (friends, extended family members, any one at all, really) are staying with the primary resident. Various people might be rotating in and out, month to month, night to night. It’s exceedingly challenging to keep tabs on which people are living inside of closed doors. Except most people leave one important clue, sitting in plain sight. Their vehicle with a license plate, registered in their name. Right there in your community’s parking lot, every time they are on the property.

        The best parking solutions not only make sure authorized residents have a convenient parking space to come home to every night, they also help you (and your community’s residents) have peace of mind, knowing who is living in your community, day in and day out. OnCall Management Systems has developed a system designed to ensure every resident can park their authorized vehicles hassle free, make it easy and convenient for them to register guest vehicles as needed, facilitate efficient, responsible, and transparent parking enforcement by patrol staff, and give property management staff instant access to information about every vehicle parked on the property (not to mention all sorts of other benefits, such as a mobile messaging system, automated e-permit renewals, and an online payment gateway for collecting parking permit fees).

        Here’s how OnCall’s parking management system works. First, OnCall Mangement System’s staff works with you to set up your customized parking policy, taking into account every single detail you care about for managing vehicles on your property. Then residents are provided with a free mobile app for their smartphones (Apple and Android), which they use to register and pay for e-permits for each of their vehicles. They can use the same app anytime they need to register a guest vehicle, since guest vehicle parking software is included at no additional cost in every OnCall Parking Manager software package. Patrol staff, equipped with a special patrol version of the parking lot monitoring and parking lot enforcement software, are now able to quickly scan the parking lot for any unauthorized or inappropriately parked vehicles and issue violations electronically, instantly notifying both residents and staff as needed. Property management staff and other specially authorized users, such as HOA board members, now know immediately if anyone unauthorized might happen to be on the property, empowered with the knowledge take appropriate action. This all works together to give the whole community peace of mind to rest easy, knowing exactly who is living on the property at any given time.

        For any properties looking to get started with parking management software, the process is simple and straightforward. It begins by calling OnCall Management Systems for a free demonstration of their Parking Manager parking solution. OnCall will help you customize a parking management system to fit your community’s needs, give your staff and residents everything you need to set up a secure paperless system, and then support you with a world-class bilingual customer service team and even certified, trained patrol staff to ensure everything goes smoothly. Join the OnCall family, and let them help home feel more like home, for you and your guests.