Parking Enforcement: A Balance of Power.

        Parking enforcement handled improperly is a massive headache for property managers, board members, residents, and guests alike. A headache that usually stems from two causes: a poorly designed parking management system that turns parking lots into chaotic messes, plus an imbalance of power, where towing companies hold all the keys. OnCall Management System’s Parking Manager is one of the very first and best parking solutions to solve both of these problems, eliminating chaos and confusion while also restoring a balance of power by building transparency into the heart of their parking management software.

        First, let’s look at the all to common chaos and power imbalance. It starts with a lack of clarity about which vehicles are authorized to be parked where, when. Unauthorized vehicles can remain parked for days in spots normally occupied by residents. Leaving it to frustrated residents to report problems to overwhelmed property management staff. Who might themselves be unsure to whom a particular vehicle belongs. Leading to calls to towing companies to solve the problem.Which potentially creates a whole new problem, because once the towing company gets involved, if there isn’t a thoughtfully designed and effectively implemented parking management system in place, they’ve got all the power. When they tow your car, they remove the evidence of why they even towed it in the first place. How do you know if you even did anything wrong? How do you know they aren’t just trying to get your money?
        It’s a powerless feeling for both residents and property management staff, because for a long time, there was very little accountability for tow companies. At worst, an unscrupulous driver could tow any vehicle for any reason, and a resident had no recourse but to pay the fee to get a vehicle returned. Even in the case of a legitimate violation, there is the problem of an inability to communicate easily with the resident in advance, compounded with no transparency for the towing company, which always creates unnecessary stress and the potential for conflict, which the property management staff and/or HOA board members then have to deal with.

        At the heart of everything is the challenge of the right people not being able to know the right information at the right time, easily and with full transparency and accountability. The software engineers and parking consultants at OnCall Management Systems knew there had to be a better way, and so they designed a set of parking solutions to even the playing field, to equip everyone with up to date, easily accessible, accurate information about the authorization status of every vehicle on the property, to keep towing companies accountable, and to introduce transparency into the system.

        With OnCall Parking manager, trained patrol staffs, equipped with mobile parking lot monitoring software are able to know instantly which vehicles are properly authorized, report violations with notifications that go directly to both property staff and residents, and the parking management system handles what happens next in accordance with a customized, property-specific parking policy. If a towing company needs to be brought in, detailed, documented, photographed towing reports – required for every tow and violation sticker – are accessible from anywhere, at any time, integrated into robust parking management software. Less stress, less conflict, protected residents. Problem solved.

        For any properties looking to get started with parking management software, the process is simple and straightforward. It begins by calling OnCall Management Systems for a free demonstration of their Parking Manager parking solution. OnCall will help you customize a parking management system to fit your community’s needs, give your staff and residents everything you need to set up a secure paperless system, and then support you with a world-class bilingual customer service team and even certified, trained patrol staff to ensure everything goes smoothly. Join the OnCall family, and let them help home feel more like home, for you and your guests.