Be Our Guest: Solving the Guest Vehicle Parking Enforcement Challenge.

One of the toughest parking lot management challenges for property managers and homeowner associations is figuring out how best to deal with guest vehicles. For some communities, finding ways to handle parking enforcement for resident vehicles is difficult enough; add guest vehicles (and other temporary authorized vehicles like maintenance and construction vehicles) into the mix and property management staff scramble to find parking solutions.

Until recently, effective community parking enforcement meant making a choice between strict and cumbersome manual pre-emptive processes that were time consuming for staff and residents alike, or dealing with problems after the fact on a case by case basis, resulting in frustration, inconvenience, and sometimes even chaos for everyone. Without the right parking solutions, guests can’t feel at home because it’s difficult to authorize their vehicles quickly and easily, and residents can’t feel at home because no one feels secure knowing that only authorized vehicles are parked on the property.

Now, thanks to OnCall Management Systems state-of-the art paperless parking management System, managing guest vehicle parking is a breeze – easy for residents, convenient for guests, and effortless for property management staff. With Parking Manager, OnCall’s best in class, customizable parking management software, all the traditional headaches of community parking enforcement have been eliminated.

It all begins with a free mobile app made available to every authorized resident of a community. Residents simply register a guest vehicle (it could be almost any vehicle – the resident’s loaner car they’re using while their normal vehicle is being repaired, a vehicle belonging to an out of town guest staying for a week, a family member visiting for the weekend, or a friend spending the night binging on Game of Thrones) in the easy to use resident parking software, and choose how long to authorize the guest vehicle. Properties can choose in advance (as part of the customized community parking policy) how long any vehicle can be registered as a guest vehicle, and OnCall Parking Manager handles the details, automatically. Even going so far as to notify residents when an electronic guest pass is about to expire so no one is surprised by an unwelcome violation. Patrol staff in charge of parking lot monitoring has instant access to the updated database of authorized vehicles, so property management staff can verify who is on the property at any time, day or night.

For any properties looking to get started with parking management software, the process is simple and straightforward. It begins by calling OnCall Management Systems for a free demonstration of their Parking Manager parking solution. OnCall will help you customize a parking management system to fit your community’s needs, give your staff and residents everything you need to set up a secure paperless system, and then support you with a world-class bilingual customer service team and even certified, trained patrol staff to ensure everything goes smoothly. Join the OnCall family, and let us help home feel more like home, for you and your guests.